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Work Smarter Not Harder: Adding a Smart Pergola to Your Commercial Space

Commercial Pergolas

Are you missing out on tech that can help your business operate more efficiently and save money? From boosting your revenue stream to time savings and energy expenditures, smart pergolas make dollars and sense.

How Big Does Your Restaurant’s Patio Need to Be?

Commercial Pergolas

Extending your usable square footage with the addition of restaurant patio space? Though property boundaries and layout will affect your final patio dimensions, looking to a few general sizing rules of thumb can help you ensure a productive build and avoid overspending.

Arcadia Louvered Roof Systems Makes the Cut

Commercial Pergolas

The third time’s the charm for Arcadia Louvered Roof Systems. Earning a spot on “The Inc. 5000” list for the third time in a row, the company has proven itself an industry and business leader yet again by making the ranks of this prestigious list of the fastest growing private companies across America.

Covered Patio Designs: Extend the Outdoor Dining Season Well Into the Fall


Weather is cooling off. Will your customers be shoving off to warmer venues? With the latest in covered patio designs from Denver Pergola Systems, you can extend your business well into the winter, hanging on to your loyal customer base and boosting revenue beyond the typical outdoor season.

Outdoor Living Area Designs: 6 Ways to Extend the Outdoor Living Season through the Winter


For outdoor lovers dreading the cold, properly planned outdoor living area designs can help you extend the season. With the right design elements and features, comfortable outdoor living in the colder weather is possible – sans the extra sweater.

Awkward Layout? Custom Patio Covers Can Create Usable Space

Patio Awnings

Custom Patio Covers: When Off-the-Rack Won’t Work Trying to fit a standard size patio cover into a space with a unique or irregular layout often creates more problems than it solves. As the awkward fit of off-the-shelf shelters snowball into installation, design and décor complications, you may find yourself wanting to employ the use of […]

Transitioning your Patio Decor Season to Season

Patio Ideas

Fall for Autumn: Seasonally Inspired Patio Decor Embrace the best of each season with likewise transitioning patio décor. As summer’s warmth fades to the crisp coolness of fall, add fun and festivity, outfitting your outdoor living space with the rich colors, textures, and aromas of the season….

Weather’s Cooling, But the Sun’s Still Scorching – Protect Yourself with Patio Sun Shades

sun shades for decks

Summer is fading and the fall is on its way. Unfortunately, given the cooler, more inviting outdoor temperatures, many forego the protection of patio sun shades and sunblock. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, however, last far beyond those days of fun in the summer sun.

Outdoor Pergolas: See the Possibilities


Stuck in a rut? Outdoor pergolas offer far more than shelter for a meager patio table and chair set. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to achieve your dream outdoor living space design.

Adjustable Louvered Pergola – What Is That?

Adjustable Shade Pergolas

You love enjoying prime times in the Denver seasons; rolling back your car’s sunroof, convertible top, or windows to take in the surroundings as you travel throughout town. But you’re probably missing out on this enjoyment in your own backyard. This sort of versatility is precisely what an adjustable louvered pergola provides.

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