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Grow Your Business with Rooftop Gardening

Commercial Pergolas

From neighborhood restaurants to corporate-owned sports arenas, rooftop gardens are cropping up atop businesses nationwide. Why are these businesses literally going green? Because it pays in so many ways…  

Outdoor Spaces Benefit Residents, Staff, Family of Elder Care Facilities

Commercial Pergolas

Save for the entryway, outdoor spaces in retirement communities, nursing, assisted living, and adult daycare facilities are typically an afterthought. A dreary, blank page with no meaning. Yet the unrealized potential of these areas offers a host of opportunities for residents and their families, as well as the staff and facilities operation. What’s more, outdoor […]

Backyard Patio Design Ideas: How About a Kitchen?

Patio Ideas

Stuck inside in the bitter Denver cold? Why not put those outdoor daydreams to good use, planning for a revamped outdoor living space that’ll have you grilling garden-side and dining alfresco come early spring?

Cabin Fever Making You Long For a Covered Deck?

sun shades for decks

Wishing you had a covered deck, feeling trapped inside your home as outdoor living opportunities pass you by? A cold, wet, boring outdoor space furnished with a sun damaged patio set is far from enticing. There has never been a better time to dive into the outdoors, adding a covering to your deck or patio.

Shut Out the Snow – Not Patio Diners – with an Adjustable Louvered Pergola

Commercial Pergolas

Outsmart Jack Frost with an Adjustable Louvered Pergola in Your Patio Dining Space For restaurants, wintry weather can put outdoor dining possibilities on ice. Generally a troublemaker for patios and terraces, especially when temperatures dip below freezing and ice and snow come into play, umbrellas simply aren’t enough for protecting outdoor tables and seating. And […]

Frozen Drinks, Not Frozen Diners: Keep Customers Comfy Outdoors in Wintry Weather

Commercial Pergolas

Mother Nature can dish out some serious dilemmas when it comes to outdoor winter dining. Fortunately, your Arcadia louvered pergola has your staff and customers covered with 170-degrees of rotational adjustability, providing shelter from Denver’s wintry weather, while still allowing easy access to the warmth of the sun’s rays on those rare, warm winter days. […]

Closing Your Outdoor Seating Area? Hold the Door! Winter Weather Solutions

Commercial Pergolas

Keep your Outdoor Patio Open for Dining this Winter Locking up your outdoor dining area till the spring? Hold the door! You could be selling prime real estate short. Instead of relegating your patio dining space to a ghost town over the winter weather season, what if you could turn it into an attraction instead?

Kiss Winter Blues Goodbye with a Well-Played Outdoor Dining Space

Commercial Pergolas

Staff and customers feeling as cold and bleak as the winter weather? It’s easy to get the doldrums when you’re stuck inside day-after day. But what if you could put those winter blues in the rear view, boosting business and morale, with a winning outdoor dining space?

Draw More Business with a Pergola

Commercial Pergolas

Looking for the perfect outdoor centerpiece? For forward-thinking entrepreneurs realizing the need for additional space, louvered Arcadia aluminum pergolas deliver. Paired with just the right accessories for your establishment, you can transform your patio, deck, balcony or rooftop space into a functional favorite that will deliver year-round.

Work Smarter Not Harder: Adding a Smart Pergola to Your Commercial Space

Commercial Pergolas

Are you missing out on tech that can help your business operate more efficiently and save money? From boosting your revenue stream to time savings and energy expenditures, smart pergolas make dollars and sense.

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